Fiji Beautiful Beaches

Everyone has heard of Fiji’s beautiful beaches, water, and palm trees, but the hospitality of its people is the most underrated thing about it. From the moment you stop foot in Fiji the locals will greet you with a smile and anything they can do to make your stay more comfortable. Some go as far as to say that it’s the friendliest place in the world.

Vitu Levu is Fiji’s largest island and is home to Suva and Nadi which are the official and tourism capitals respectively. Nadi is where international flights arrive. Before leaving Vitu Levu to head to another island first take a few hours to visit Sabeto Range where there exists a botanical sanctuary of vanilla scented orchids called Garden of the Sleeping Giant which was created by actor Raymond Burr. You can also stay at Nadi to enjoy some of the local culture. You can hit the local market where you can buy souvenirs which are mostly handmade Fiji crafts including wooden kava bowls, hand painted saris, and scepter like cannibal forks. You can also get a taste of some local food which is mostly Southeast Asian owing to the arrival of Indians and Bengalis a long time ago to work in the British sugar cane plantations.

To get a view from up top you can take a helicopter from Nadi’s airport to one of the islands. Brace yourself for this next part because unless you’re a massive movie fan you’re probably not expecting it: you’ll also get a view of Monuriki Island which was the filming location of Tom Hanks’ famous Castaway. You can take a trip or even stay for a few days at Monuriki which is uninhabited making it a quiet spot as well as being known as one of the most beautiful islands in Fiji.

While at Fiji make sure to visit Cloud 9 which is a popular floating bar in the middle of the sea that also makes pizza. It is located in Mamanuca Island and is nearby to multiple resorts. You can tour the islands most notably: Tokoriki Island, Matamanoa Island, and Mana Island. Mana Island is especially known for being a good snorkeling spot.

Don’t miss out on some of the most famous dishes in Fiji such as the kokoda. Kokoda is made of raw slices of fish in citrus fruit, tomato, coconut milk, and coriander. It is perfect considering the hot weather which doesn’t build your appetite for heavy meals. Kava is also a local drink to be tried.